The Napa Crossroads Project

The Crossroads of World-class Music and Fine Wine.

The serene setting of Napa Valley is not only home to some of the best wine-making in the world but is also a host to stellar music and music-making. Napa Crossroads is a first-of-its-kind collaboration between five prestigious wineries-- Silver Oak, Far Niente, Pride Mountain, Gargiulo Vinyards, and Casa Piena-- and David Pack, legendary producer, vocalist, and hit-maker (former singer-songwriter Ambrosia,) who conceived and produced the project. Hear about the songs and the project from the people who made it happen:


David Pack

Napa Valley and me are old friends. The grapes speak to me, the land soothes me, and the people move me like nowhere on earth. 

 This project is my love letter to Napa Valley.  Every song was written and recorded there. 

The primary inspiration is my five winery partners who  contributed greatly to make this happen. We worked joyously to weave their life-stories into these songs and create a time capsule to preserve the memory of friends and a time that will never again be.


David Duncan

This album represents what Napa is really all about. We are farmers, we are friends, and we are lucky to do what we do.

Being included in this project fulfills a dream for me. Getting together with these other vintners and the incredible talent of David Pack is just like a fine wine.

I have been writing songs for years and thoroughly enjoyed the process of actually getting them finished! David was concerned "Crossroads Bound" was too "dark, deep and mysterious"  but I remarked: "Sounds like a good Cab to me."

Silver Oak | Twomey



Suzanne Pride

In 1989 my parents Jim and Carolyn Pride purchased historic Summit Ranch, started the winery and bottled their first vintage in 1991.

"O' Blessed Vine" captures the spirit of my late father who was a man’s man and left his mark on this world; and  “You Were the One” was inspired by my mother Carolyn who always supported Dad’s determined spirit

These songs capture special moments in time at Pride Mountain Vineyards, where we are always happy to be "high on the mountain."

Pride Mountain Vineyards



Larry Maguire

I dreamed of becoming a virtuoso jazz and classical guitarist/songwriter, but at age 24, a Chick Corea concert helped me decide I’d be better served devoting my attention to another passion: the wine world.

David Pack's ambitious idea to create an album inspired by the people and spirit of Napa Valley was something Far Niente embraced. Collaborating with David on "Corner of His Room" and "Next Adventure" was exciting. I love my life in wine, but had I met David when I was 22, I think we could have had one really hot band.

Far Niente



Jeff Gargiulo

Music is an important part of my life and that theme is echoed throughout our winery, whether in jam sessions, songwriting, or grabbing one of my guitars off the wall and just being in the moment.

David's concept of bringing together the art of songwriting with the art of making wine defines Napa Valley and what we are all about.  To see his dream come true and be a part of it is truly awesome.

Gargiulo Vineyards



Carmen Policy

Casa Piena- It means "Full House" in Italian. The inspiration for the song "Full House Full Heart" starts with the name of our winery. During our lyric writing sessions I discussed with David that for us it's still all about "friends and family" and what a "full heart" their presence and a "full house" gives us.

This combined musical effort, which includes five spectacular winery partners, will allow people throughout the world to experience the warmth, spirit, and humanity that grows "heartily" in Napa.

Casa Piena

B&W Photos by Bret Lopez/Scarecrow Winery